Top 10 Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles

Top 10 Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles

Curious what some of the fastest cruiser motorcycles are?

These are the quickest to accelerate but not 5 fastest in terms of top speed.

  1. Yamaha V-Max - Top speed 225mp/h with 0–60mph in 2.50 seconds
  2. Ducati Diavel - Top Speed 270mp/h with 0–60mph in 2.80 seconds
  3. Triumph Rocket III Roadster - Top Speed 225mp/h with 0–60 in 3.30 seconds
  4. Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie - Top Speed 131 mp/h with 0–60 in 3.41 seconds
  5. Harley Davidson V-Rod - Top Speed 141/mp/h with 0–60 in 3.59 seconds

Huge and loud cruisers tell a lot of the story of American motorcycles. There is no mistaking the roar of an 1800cc engine and the destruction it makes on the road and eardrums of anyone in the vicinity.
They aren't sport bikes, but some cruisers can perform on the same level as the world’s fastest bikes while weighing several hundred pounds more. The trick is stacking the best level of power to carry the weight, along with the rider gripping the handles. Above is a list of the ten fastest cruisers based on 0-60 and acceleration factors. 
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