Motorcycle Riding Tips For Beginners

Motorcycle Riding Tips For Beginners

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exciting and fun-filled moments for every biker. Moreover, it is a passion for many! However, you should always remember that bike riding is one of the riskiest activities that may cause many accidents and even deaths if you are not prepared with right riding tips. If you're a beginner, we've got you a list of the basic things you need to keep in mind before taking your new bike on the streets for a thrill ride.

Essential Tips to Be Followed To Ride a Bike like a Pro:

Motorcycle Training or Course:

Once you have made the decision to ride, it is good to take some motorcycle safety training course. Join in a well-reputed training academy as they will teach you the basics of proper riding technique such as throttle, brake control, clutch, and lot more. They also offer advanced courses as you learn and gain good self-control while you ride your bike and transform into a professional biker. It's only through a thorough practice of safe riding, you gain all the expertise.


Wear Proper Gear:

Before you twist the throttle of your bike, make sure to have a proper motorcycle gear. However, the safety gear should be your topmost priority. Start your ride with basic riding gear, a DOT Certified helmet is an obligation to be adhered by every biker. Here are a few other safety gears to wear.

Note: All the above gear is your one-time investment. So make sure to buy high-quality gear to stay well protected!


Look Where You Want To Go:

Look where you wanna go is a very vital concept when learning how to ride. While riding, if you notice any obstruction, then immediately look away, but surely stay focused on the path you want to go and ride towards that spot. However, while riding maintain a certain speed limit based on a freeway/highway roads depending on your local speed limit.


Adjust Your Mirrors Before You Start Moving

Your side and rear-view mirrors are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle without which you can never view a fraction of the roadway at a time. Before you hit the road, adjust your mirrors in the right position to maintain a clear rear view of the road you are heading. Always use the rear-view mirror and never attempt to turn your head while riding as it is dangerous and shows your negligence.

Follow Traffic Rules:

Before going for a ride, make sure to learn about the traffic rules in your state to avoid the possibility of getting involved in vehicle collisions or unwanted encounters with the traffic enforcer.

Make Sure To Get a License:

If you got a successful completion of an approved motorcycle riding under a professional trainer, then you can apply for a motorcycle license by

  • Filling the application form for license
  • Need to submit your completion certificate for an approved motorcycle training program
  • Need to show the proof of original identity like a passport, ID proof, etc.
  • Pass a written knowledge test
  • Finally, need to pay a fee

Motorcycle Maintenance:

For a hassle-free riding, bike's maintenance is crucial. As a good bike rider, you must know the basics like pre-ride inspection, cleaning & lubricating key components and etc. A few tips listed below may help you definitely.

  • Keep your bike regularly clean to look fresh and out from dirt and gunk off
  • Check your oil, brakes and make sure your tires are in a good condition, with no cuts or nicks got stuck in them.
  • Make sure that your bike's back lamps and the headlamps are working properly because those keep you safer on the road.

Follow these tips to check whether your motorcycle is in good condition for a safer ride.

We hope the above blog will definitely help every first-time rider... #Haveagreatride

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