How To Wheelie on a Harley Davidson Dyna or Heavy Cruiser

Wheelies on a Harley Davidson Dyna or Heavy Cruiser

     Can you wheelie on a Harley? 😎 It is a hard skill to learn on a heavy motorcycle. 🏍 In this video we practice doing wheelies which is the best way to get better. Good tires and and brake pads are a must and don't forget a helmet. Always wear protective gear when you are doing wheelies or riding in general.


Wheelie Overview

Step One

Start slow because you need to accelerate very quickly. Get your shoulders ready to tug and like a lat pull.

Step Two

Pop the clutch by pulling it in and releasing it fast. You must have grabbed the throttle aggressively at a similar time. Try different throttle timings until you get it right. After some practice you will get it popping up immediately.

Step Three

Just in case, if your motorcycle is getting too high tap the rear brake and it will bring her back down. Always wear protective gear and practice on private property in case of authorities.

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