Daniel Smart Certified Dealer

Daniel Smart Certified Dealer

Daniel Smart Supplier

Daniel Smart Manufacturing, Inc. has been making and distributing high quality motorcycle gear and fashion leather apparel for almost 20 years. They service everyone, big and small, from major brand labels, to individual store owners and retail franchises.

  • Privately Owned:Daniel Smart Manufacturing Inc. is a privately-owned, independent company, with our offices and distribution center in Baltimore, Maryland, and our own manufacturing and tanning units in Pakistan so you’re buying directly from the source. That makes it more convenient for you, because we are able to pin point your needs and develop an ongoing relationship with you. We don’t just want to be a partner of yours for right now, we want to be a partner of yours for as long as you’re in business.
  • Top Quality: Our quality is top of the line. Our expert craftsmanship dates back over many generations. Our Pakistan leather factory is owned and managed by our U.S. based Leather Company. This combines ease of communication here with the cost advantages of overseas production.Also, the owner is always taking valuable time to test and make products more innovative. You’ll find the products have strategically located pockets, zippers, snaps, ventilation options, and other cool features to make them more “wearer” friendly.
  • One-Stop Ordering: A GREAT feature that we have that our customers LOVE is that we are a one-stop shop. What that means to you is, you’ll be able to save yourself hours of placing orders and keep from having to incur multiple shipping costs by getting everything you need form our vast factory direct inventory. We also provide drop shipping as well, and can send the items directly to the customer on your behalf. We want to do our best to eliminate as many headaches as possible for you!
  • Fashion Forward and Material Pioneers: We are never behind the times when it comes to industry trends or materials used to make the products consumers love and depend on.

When you join us as part of our "Family of Dealers," we personally work with you and your staff to meet all of your business needs.



All of us here at Daniel Smart Manufacturing Inc., are honored and look forward to be of service to you!

“The Smart Choice in Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories” 

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