Best Motorcycle Face Masks of 2023

Best Motorcycle Face Masks of 2023

The Best Motorcycle Face Masks of 2023

You encounter a lot of dangers on the road as a biker. It is important to protect your face when riding a motorcycle. You never know when a rock or other debris is going to hit you in the face if you're wearing a half face helmet. During the winter season neoprene masks can help keep your face warm. Ever since the COVID pandemic some places still require you to wear a mask. Motorcycle face masks aren't the best for COVID but they meet the requirement of a face covering for most establishments. They also come in unique styles for your own personal touch. There are many new different styles of face masks for bikers. Below are the the best motorcycle face masks of 2023.


The balaclava is the most widely known face covering for bikers. It offers optimal protection from the elements. It covers not only your face but your entire head and neck as well. Getting one made out of polyester will insure a good fit that is stretchy and durable for years to come. For colder months choose a balaclava made out of fleece for extra wind protection.

Full Neoprene Mask

A full neoprene mask covers your entire face and ears. It will keep you warm and neoprene is water resistant. Ours come with a hook and loop closure and attach with velcro. One size fits all and there are hundreds of different styles. US patented design and you can wear with or without a helmet.

Half Neoprene Mask

A half mask is just like the full mask except it doesn't extend to your forehead. The half mask is more suitable for the warmer months or for wearing in places that require a face covering. It doesn't get in the way of your eyes as much and isn't as distracting as a balaclava or full face mask. It fits a little easier if you are wearing a helmet as well. Our masks are US patented and come in several different styles to choose from. They are made of neoprene just like the full face mask to protect from the cold and rain. Polyester is added for more durability and craftmanship. 

Motley Tube

The motley tube or biker tube is a windproof tube that is very versatile. You can use it as a neck gaiter, beanie balaclava, bandana or a regular face mask depending on the situation. Our motley tubes come in polyester for the warmer months or fleece for the winter months. The SportFlex series is a hybrid of windproof polyester and fleece for a good combination for all seasons of riding. It is heavier than the standard polyester tube and lighter than the all fleece motley tube. Many people choose the motley tube since COVID requirements because it works great when riding your motorcycle and doubles as a face mask. It is extremely versatile in how you want to use it. 


Last but not least, the bandana is the classic face covering that bikers have been wearing for years. When worn on your head it protects your scalp from the sun and gives a cushion underneath your helmet. It keeps your hair from getting messy in the wind. They allow bikers to display their favorite colors and personality. At Valiant Biker we have hundreds of different styles for you to choose from. Even fleece bandanas for those winter months. The bandana is the cheapest option for face coverings, but they aren't as versatile as the motley tube and they don't last as long as a neoprene motorcycle face mask.


Hopefully you have a better understanding of motorcycle face masks of 2023. Stop by our store to see our robust lineup of motorcycle face masks. We have all the face masks mentioned and offer free shipping on orders over $50. All of our products are shipped fast from the USA as well!

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