What is a motorcycle guardian bell or gremlin bell?

What is a motorcycle guardian bell or gremlin bell?

Wondering what those bells are on most Harleys and cruisers?


The gremlin bell is a legend in the biker community. It is said that guardian bells protect you against evil spirits that haunt the road. They come in all sorts of designs and can be put on multiple spots on your motorcycle.

The bell is said to work by capturing the spirits and making them angry by the constant ringing. They then go back to the roadway or pothole and find their next victim. Hopefully for them the next rider does not have a bell. The gremlin bells have a strong tradition in the Harley community, but other riders are encouraged to ward off the evil spirits. 

gremlin bell guardian

Guardian Bell Rules

  • It should be a gift from a rider and not purchased for yourself for it to work properly.
  • The bell should be attached to the lowest part of the frame. You want your bell to be the closest to the road demons. Some bells come with a mount or you can use a zip tie.
  • Remove the guardian bell when you sell your bike. Keep it or hand it to the new owner face to face.

The Origin of the Bell

Nobody knows where the story all began. Some say WWII pilots used them for good luck. There is also the story that bikers in the 1950s used them as security to know when someone was trying to steal their bike. One thing remains true, the legend still remains and is very popular. Do you want to be the one to invite the road gremlins?

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Question. What if the bell was attached without consent, would it be ok to remove then? I have a few jokesters at my work place who thought a phallic bell would be funny.


Yes, as long as it is a gift that is all that matters.


if a person has a Gaurdian bell given to them can they pass it off to another friend in need

Michele Stafford

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