Top Selling Affordable Motorcycle Gear

Top Selling Affordable Motorcycle Gear

Want to get your hands on some really great affordable motorcycle gear? Check out this blog. You'll find a lot of tips and advice for getting the gear that you need, and it's also going to be a lot cheaper than you might have thought.

More and more people are getting into dirt biking and motorcycling, which is great news for the motorcycle gear industry. If you're just getting started with your own motorcycle, you'll need to invest in some basic safety equipment like a helmet and leather. Motorcycle helmets are the most important safety gear motorcycle riders can wear. The statistics on motorcycle-related head trauma injuries and deaths are appalling.

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Motorcycle gear has varying costs. Is it worth your live to save a few bucks though? 


A helmet is the most important safety gear that you could purchase. It is also the law in most states. Helmets come in many different sizes and designs. The main types are half face, full face, and modular which flips up. A high end helmet could cost up to $1000 while a budget one could be as low as $100. Make sure you are wearing a DOT approved helmet for the best protection. 

Eye Protection

Full face helmets come with a visor that protects your eyes. Half face helmets do not protect you from the UV rays or road debris. You will need a good pair of goggle or sunglasses. For around $50 to $200 you can find good quality motorcycle sunglasses. Some glasses even change colors according to the sun and light up at night so that you can see better. Photochromatic glasses typically have shatterproof lenses that transform their polycarbonate lenses from yellow tint to a smoked tent. 

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Normally the first thing we do to catch our fall is use or hands. Without gloves on most of your skin will be ripped off. Putting on a good pair of gloves is essential for protecting you from big crashes or even a small crash on accident in a parking lot. For the best level of protection you want to get leather with reinforced stitching or some armor at the base of the palm. The gloves should not be restrictive and keep you from operating your motorcycle safely though. The average cost of motorcycle gloves is $40 to $100. If you want the best quality available, be sure to spend up to $200.

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Motorcycle Jackets

Good motorcycle jackets are made using strong abrasion resistant materials including leather and denim. Jackets make a fashion statement as well. It will keep you warm in the winter and protect you from the rain and road debris as well. Many good quality jackets cost between $100 to $200. All of the jackets at Valiant Biker have concealed weapon pockets so that you can carry your firearm as well.

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A good pair of motorcycle boots are crucial as they protect your ankle, toes and feet in the event of a crash. They should come with inserts and pads for maximum protection and comfort. You can get a decent pair of boots for under $100, but professional high quality boots will cost more than $200. 

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Other Gear

Helmets, boots, jackets, and eye protection are important but not all that you should buy when getting motorcycle gear. A good motorcycle communication system or Bluetooth will enable you to talk to your riders. An aftermarket alarm system will help prevent your motorcycle from being stolen. You will also need to clean your bike and invest in a good motorcycle stand or ramp if you want to save money on maintenance by doing it yourself. Hopefully you have a better idea of what to expect when getting safety gear for your motorcycle. Never sacrifice quality for money. The few dollars that you save is not worth your life. You should spend approximately $1000 on motorcycle gear so keep that in mind when purchasing a motorcycle. For affordable motorcycle gear in the United States, browse our vast collection at Valiant Biker.

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